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We are creating numerous car- and trail-accessible campgrounds that will enable visitors to experience the inspiring wildness of the future Patagonia National Park. These campgrounds will provide visitors with comfortable accommodations in some of the most stunning landscapes throughout the park. When the park is completed, six to eight campgrounds will provide a variety of camping options, with facilities including restrooms, hot showers, and covered cook shelters.

Westwinds Campground

Stone House Campground

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Camping with History: The Establishment of the Stone House Campground
(3/19/13) In the transformation from estancia to park, Conservacion Patagonica is restoring and preserving the most significant historic structures of the Chacabuco Valley.
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Start Planning Your Visit – Camping Los Alamos is Almost Complete!
(10/31/11) Think you’ll be roughing it on your next trip to the future Patagonia National Park? Think again. (Unless that’s your thing.)
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New Campground Now Underway
(2/10/11) As happens every week or so around here, we had an asado the other night.
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